KILL la KILL acrylic phone charms Vol. 1 available for pre-order!!!

Only 10 are available of each character for this first run of characters! Ryuuko, Mako, Senketsu, Mikisugi, Tsumugu, Ragyou and Nui will be available after the pre-order for this batch ends!


purple skeleton going the extra mile.


don’t tell him about microwaves

Kill la kill charms will be posted tomorrow at noon pst! 

My response got cut off >:(((( damn u mobile

@jamie I meant to say thank you for your order I just saw it!!! (Hearts bc mobile won’t let me) Ryuko is definitely in the next set, I just haven’t drawn her or Senketsu yet! They’ll be done in a week!

jenn i saw your straps on facebook and theyre seriously so cute!!!!! i just ordered uzu and im super excited for him ♥ GOOD WORK i'm sure they're already a huge hit!! (p.s. if u ever decide to come out with a ryuko design hmu bc i will Definitely buy that idec i love your style soooo much)


I meant to answer that privately

Dang, that's a lot. Thanks for letting me know! Guess I'll try to do laminated ones! nvn Good luck with your sales~

Laminated ones or ink jet shrink film! The shrink film ones look similar to acrylic just not as durable and you have to spray them with a sealant :)

Oh man I really wanna post the KLK straps but I said I’d wait a whole day……….

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