So it’s Cosplay Appreciation Day or whatevs but I noticed people doing cosplay partner appreciation posts and wowee wow that sounds better than making a photoset of my ugly mug so here it is

Just a couple shots of my best friend and the best cosplay parter I could ever have Tilly/Llytix/Tillyboo/Vanilla Bear/bubu ( I could go on with the embarrassing nicknames ) She is the reason I started cosplaying and the only reason I still do it and wow if I could look half as good as she does in cosplay everything would be great but even being able to call her my partner I’m like yay

We fight a lot, whine a lot, laugh a lot but when its the night before the con and I’m making last minute repairs at 4AM she’s still up with me

My best friend/sister/heterosexual life partner and I wouldn’t have it any other way

I could go on but she’s already gonna call me homo for this because apparently we can’t be loving caring nonhomo friends that talk about their feelings at this stage in this weird relationship just kidding love you boo muah

And its not 12:00 yet so it’s still cosplay appreciation day so boo

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